Tender Solutions

Rochel International is specialized in advisory service and procurement for large-scale tenders projects.
Our priority is that clients successfully participate and win the tender. Rochel International has been instrumental in facilitating the award of many government contracts to reputable foreign and local companies.

Our range of consultancy services has developed to meet both the demands within the MENA region and the rest of the world. We have a large network of business facilitators, consultants, negotiators and trade agents.

We provide advisory services as we have a large network of key contacts to successfully participate in tenders
Scouting and sourcing of fair-priced stocks of scarce products
We create lasting partnerships in order to reach the success of the tender and find the winning solution
We use the four pillars of procurement for tenders:
The process should be driven by value for money, and this should be the uppermost factor in the selection of a subcontractor.
Ethics and Transparency
Rochel International manages the business with transparency and ethical practice, which helps to ensure the quality of the services provided.
Every person at each stage of the process is accountable for the decision-making. Excellent record-keeping practices make it easier to trace the steps and immutability of the project.
Ensuring a fair and uniformed process provides all the players with equal and fair opportunities to flourish.
What is best practice?
To win a tender, it is necessary to present a quality project at a reasonable price. There is no real benefit in winning a contract that is not profitable, that is why finding the right price in a public tender is the key to the project. At Rochel International, we help you establish a winning pricing strategy.
Writing to win
Rochel International has helped companies in the MENA region to win various tenders, creating a working environment where our team stays side by side with the client, and implementing best-practice methodologies.
When planning a tender, we ensure to:
Share team expertise with collective intelligence and knowledge management. Ensuring the delivery of a quality project requires the expertise of the various team members
Focus on problem-solving and follow step by step the main issues on each project. For example, if we are submitting a government tender, the client experience may be critical, as may communication with the institutions involved
Make sure it looks great. When used properly, graphics can successfully create an outstanding project. Design is important and infographics are useful to communicate complex tasks in the fastest, the smoothest and an easy-to-understand way
Have supporting documentation, as it is a crucial issue, and we have templates on hand for most documents required in tenders