Rochel International provides clients a wide range of quality services, supplies and distributes products in various industries and offers tender solutions and sales development advisory services.
Healthcare Procurement
Rochel International covers the entire value chain of Healthcare Procurement, including product selection, factory scouting, exports, imports, logistics, processing and distribution.
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Buy and sell
side scouting
Due diligence
Pharmaceutical & Nutrition
We've created whole new markets by developing a range of innovative consumer goods for the maintenance and improvement of health, based on a solid scientific foundation that includes expertise gained in our pharmaceutical companies.
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Food & Nutritional
Food & Beverage
Having its roots in Italy, Rochel International has vast experience in providing quality food products. An extensive network of award-winning farmers and producers enables Rochel International to offer selected high-quality products at the most affordable price.
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Award winning
Supply chain
Oil & gas
The Oil & Gas division was developed to procure and deliver materials to the upstream and downstream Oil & Gas sectors of developing countries from the United States, Europe, China, and the Middle East.
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Valable relationships
with our customers
Direct access to
the best prices
Reliable and steady
flow of products
Tender Solutions
Rochel International helps in the procurement and supply processes for tenders. Given the competitive nature of procurements, great care and attention to each step of the procurement process is taken.
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Advisory services
Scouting products stock
Repeated orders
Sales Development
Rochel International facilitates the launch of a product in a new region by assisting and advising clients to penetrate the market in an efficient and successful way. The entire distribution process of a new brand in the new selected country or region is taken care of.
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Global distribution
channel development
Sale engagement
with key partners