Sales Development
Rochel International facilitates the launch of a product in a new region by assisting our clients to penetrate the market in an efficient and ultimately successful way. The entire distribution process of a new brand in the new selected country or region is taken care of.
1. Go-to-market strategies

Even the brightest ideas can fail when they are not executed effectively. Creating a go-to-market plan can prevent many mistakes in launching a new product.

Rochel International prepares a thoughtful actionable step-by-step process to successfully launch each product to market by identifying target audience, preparing a marketing plan and outlining a sales strategy.

2. Global distribution channel development

The ultimate objective of producing goods is to reach the ultimate consumer. The distribution channel development helps to transfer goods from producer to consumer.

Finding a good foreign distributor in a new market takes time and funds, but can yield excellent and lasting revenues. Rochel International finds the desired distributors and facilitates the processes to reach your customers.

3. Sale engagement with key partners

Building and maintaining the partner engagement is the common challenge in the Sales Development process.

Rochel International builds strong relationships and consistent communication with strategic key partners with the ultimate goal to increase your revenue streams.

4. Pricing strategy

Price is the value we attach to the product and service, which involves deep research and calculations in order to launch a product in a new country.

Rochel International defines the pricing strategy to achieve the best return on your investment.

Market research
The company handles the complete sales process, which includes prospecting, connecting and qualifying, researching, presenting, handling objections and closing of the process. Having an experienced team of sales professionals, Rochel International develops an efficient sales strategy and implements it to yield greater returns for clients.
1. Reputation research & management
Corporate reputation is one of the keys to its success. In order to help build a strong reputation for your company in a new market, Rochel International conducts a thorough research and produce a comprehensive management of your corporate reputation in the selected country.
2. Competitor analysis
A thorough analysis of competitors on the market is an indispensable step in launching a new product or starting a new business. Rochel International creates a deep competitor analysis and outlines your brand’s competitive advantages which will cleverly position your company and brand in the selected market.
3. Market trends
A market trend is the perceived tendency to move in a particular direction over time. Rochel International identifies those trends in order to better understand the local market and develop the necessary action plan.
4. Customized research
Rochel International offers an optimized, tailored and customized approach to any research needed for your specific needs.