Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas division was developed to procure and deliver materials to the upstream and downstream Oil & Gas sectors from the United States, Europe, China, and the Middle East.
We provide
Rochel International successfully supplies the following petroleum products:
Base Oils
Motor Gasoline
Jet Fuel
Crude Oil
Furance-Fuel Oil
Gasoil (Diesel)
Our customer relationship management provides the framework for a better and more efficient relationship with customers, including the development and maintenance of proper "Supply Chain Strategy" and "Planning," as well as cost-effective "Procurement & Logistic Support" for the goods and services provided to customers.

Rochel International has long-term contracts and ties with a variety of crude oil producers worldwide, crude oil from the Middle East and North Africa.

Most of our crude oil, petroleum products, feedstocks, blending stocks, and final goods are traded and sold worldwide.

Our sourcing is also dependent on off-take arrangements with various refiners that we have in place. Furthermore, due to our significant experience and flexible financial conditions, we can provide several transactional structures that give our clients valuable solutions.

Our philosophy
Our concept is to treat our clients as partners. Our goal is to build close working relationships with our counterparts. We work with them to help them expand their business while lowering risk and gaining access to the best pricing on petroleum and petroleum products in international markets.
Valable relationships
with our customers
Direct access to
the best prices
Reliable and steady
flow of products
Supply chain
Rochel International can support the sector with supply chain management services. We can provide some of the know-how and best practices to achieve a successful conclusion, thanks to our extensive experience in supply chain management services.
All operations related to moving commodities from the raw materials stage to the final are included in the supply chain.