Food & Beverage

Having its roots in Italy, Rochel International has vast experience in providing quality food products. An extensive network of award-winning farmers and producers enables Rochel International to offer selected high-quality products at the most affordable price.
We provide
Our Industry-leading expertise, innovation, quality assurance, exceptional service, and constant improvements have forged an outstanding reputation with valued customers.
Olive oil
The classic oil remains a staple
The Middle Eastern sacred fruit should now be cherished by the world
Balsamic vinegar
The best traditional aged balsamic vinegar
Powder food
Bouillon broth, spices and mix, jelly, soup powder instant, and others
Sunflower oil
Expeller pressed without any pesticides or chemicals
Dairy products
Highest quality natural cheeses and other dairy products from Italy
Coffee & dragees
Bringing you the finest cup of freshly roasted coffee
Single flower and wildflower honey from Italy
Dry fruits & nuts
Healthful, nutritious, and delicious.
Carnaroli Rice
Italian medium-grained rice is used primarily to make risotto. "The Caviar of rice".
Fruits & vegetables
Seasonal fruits and vegetables are essential!
Corn flour
100% Italian product
Best handpicked threads of the flower
Exceptional taste and
high-quality standards
reflect Rochel’s vision
We are sourcing the utmost remarkable flavors
in Italy and around the globe.
Rochel contributes to the global agriculture supply chain sustainability
We collaborate with farmers, customers, industry, and civil society to develop a more resilient and sustainable global food system. To serve our customer's demands, we develop ingredients and packaging solutions, as well as risk management, shipping, and infrastructure.
We take in consideration consumer behaviour

We begin by looking outside the company, delving into data from customer behavior to shop purchase activity to food industry trends. This allows us to get an objective, holistic view of the market.

Seeing through the eyes of the consumer informs our new product development and allows us to deliver on-trend and in-demand innovations, eventually giving consumers what they want.