About us
Rochel International was established in 2017 by an Italian entrepreneur who selected a team of experienced industry specialists to ensure custom solutions to out-provide quality services to its clients. Rochel International takes advantage of its central position in the global supply chain to contribute to its overall sustainability.
We ensure custom solutions for our clients

Rochel International provides its services with the aim to execute sustainable public projects while satisfying client demands following all national and international guidelines, certificates and specifications.

With extensive skills, knowledge, experience and connections around the world, Rochel International handles the most complex management needs, offering innovative solutions to provide a tailored and specific service.

Our history
    Rochel International was founded in Dubai with the mission to find the best business solutions and to develop projects in the MENA region with outstanding quality.
    Healthcare Development
    Since 2018, the company focused on the development of the major European hospital group in the MENA region.
    Sustainability Focus
    Rochel International participates and helps implement sustainability and environmental projects in developing countries.
    Healthcare Procurement
    Leveraging the extensive network of healthcare industry contacts, Rochel International aided the procurement of critical and very scarce PPE for hospitals and governments during the global Covid-19 pandemic.
    Tender Solutions
    Whilst continuing to implement projects and winning government tenders, Rochel International is continually increasing their range of services and agreements with clients.
    Commodities Shortages
    Due to heavy demand from the clients and shortages around the globe, Rochel decided to expand its business to trading of commodities.
Our mission is to promote health, as we believe health is the basis of success and happiness

With a cutting-edge technological platform, we are a one-stop sourcing and supply chain solution provider for retailers and suppliers.

Our focus is on ethical sourcing in various categories, including healthcare and food & beverage for international buyers. Through quality products, logistics solutions, value-added services, and adequate product availability, our mission is to constantly give a superior experience to our partners and their customers.

Rochel International delivers solutions through its day-to-day operations and business values. These essential roles continue to shape the company’s approach, which is central to fulfilling our purpose of helping people lead healthier and happier lives.

We take in consideration consumer behaviour

We begin by looking outside the company, delving into data from customer behavior to shop purchase activity to food industry trends. This allows us to get an objective, holistic view of the market.

Seeing through the eyes of the consumer informs our new product development and allows us to deliver on-trend and in-demand innovations, eventually giving consumers what they want.